Yay Me!

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

I have gradually been given more responsibility at the day care where I worked ... now I am the full time ECE in a room AND as of today, I am taking over responsibility for program planning and so on too.

More work - but I am happy about it.


At what point do you need to stop turning a blind eye?

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two year olds throw tantrums.

Every parent and ECE that works with them knows it - but at what point do you decide that a two year old's behaviour is past the line of normal?

In my centre right now there is a two year old whose tantrums and acting out behaviours include attacking (hitting, throwing toys at, or strangling) other children for no good reason, throwing chairs, and physically attacking teachers who have irked him by sitting on a time out chair.

Me, I think he is over the top and would benefit from extra support.

Another teacher thinks he is just being a typical terrible two year old.

What do you think?


Swine Flu & Day Care

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The day care that I work at today was visited by people from the local Health Unit today. They posted big signs warning that anyone who is ill should not enter the day care.

They are going to all of the day cares, I heard. There are three confirmed cases of swine flu in our area so far.

We have always had issues with parents trying to mask their kids' illnesses by dosing them up before they bring them to the day care - now we are definitely going to be insisting that they follow the rules.

You would sure hope that the parents would cooperate given what is going on - but we'll see.

The rules have always been there to protect the kids - and they've never followed them before *sigh*


Playing Goal

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Girls hockey goaltender

girls hockey goalie
I played ice-hockey, starting when I was 10.

I only ever wanted to be the goaltender.

Having the goaltender in the family is kind of a pain for the grownups…. coaches get cranky if the goalie isn’t there for every game & practice. And the equipment is even more expensive than the already too expensive stuff you need to play out.

But oh well. I wanted to play goal

I don’t play anymore… but now my cousin, who is 8 is playing hockey…and guess what position she has decided to play?

I go to see her play whenever I get a chance. She’s really good when she’s on her game. And she’s cute too


Sharing Books

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

So.. I took in a bunch of children’s books for the kids in my group at the day care.

The kids really liked them…although some were more popular than others.

One touchy-feelie book was especially popular. Two of the kids were fighting for it - and then one of them had a ~brilliant~ idea.

He ripped the book in half and gave half to the other child.

So - what would you do?

Get him in trouble for ripping the book? Or leave it alone, because at least he was being a good sharer.

Kids are ~great~

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