Fire Drill

>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fire drills are so much fun. You had fire drills in school right? So you know what they are like.

Well, in day cares, they can be even more fun. Especially when they happen during sleep time.

And especially when they are not planned fire drills, but real fire alarms because someone somewhere else in the building has had a problem and pulled the alarm. Yes, during nap time.

Yes, in the winter.

And of course, during nap time, who wears shoes? Most of our kids remove their shoes at nap time - and many also take their socks off too.

So when the alarm went off, we had to usher more than 60 kids under the age of 6 out into the cold without their socks and shoes. Fortunately, we grabbed as many blankets as we could from the beds on our way out, so we were able to lay out blankets on the ground, huddle a bunch of kids together, and cover them up as best we could.

Since then, we’ve changed things - so that now when the kids go down for their naptime, all of their shoes go into one basket by the door. They’re still responsible for their own socks, though - which is enough of a problem at the best of times.

During a fire drill is not the best of times. But it does give everyone something to talk about.

And did you know that fire trucks can show up very, very quickly for day cares? They did for ours - and blocked off two streets within minutes too. Good to know.


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