Hoop Jumping

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is not so fun about working in day cares is the amount of hoop jumping it requires.

And it just got worse - at least here in Ontario.

Earlier this week, my hours were cut… not major…. and hopefully only temporarily … but OUCH…. it is not nice to cut my hours and on the same day, tell me that I need to cough up $225 - that was NOT in the budget - so that I can join the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario.

Apparently, it is now required …. and is going to cost me $75 for the priviledge of applying, and another $150/year just to be allowed to call myself an ECE.

So now I get to run around and find a guarantor to sign my form, and spend money I can’t afford. Having a valid diploma, police check, vaccinations, references and CPR and first aid training was enough last week… but now, unless I come up with the money to join an organization that seems highly unlikely to benefit me - or the kids I work with - in any way.

They’ll give us a voice… *sigh* Unless that ~voice~ wants to talk to my landlord and explain why I can’t pay my rent this month, parden me for being totally underwhelmed.


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