>> Sunday, April 19, 2009


January was a ~lovely~ month. Every possible cold, flu, virus & bug…. and I DO mean bug ….as in lice… has gone through the centre.

And of course, it’s not just the kids that catch them. Us big people manage to catch some of almost everything too… but fortunately, I managed to stick with just a cold & flu. I am SO glad that I skipped the lice thing!

It wouldn’t be AS bad if we could keep the cooties in one room at a time - but most of our kids seem to have siblings who also attend - so whatever we have goes right through every room.
One of the biggest reasons for the problem is parents that think that they can get around the rules by dosing their kids up with medicine before they drop them off…. it doesn’t work - we are not that dumb. It is pretty easy to find out that the mommy or daddy gave them medicine in the morning …. as soon as a kid starts looking punky, we ASK. And guess what? Kids that little TELL.

Of course - by then it is too late…but at least we know who to blame.

AND we call and ask them to come and pick their kid up - and then they aren’t allowed back until at least 24 hours later.


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