Running With Scissors

>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotta love it when you get to work with people that don’t really pay attention.

One day, I had a new person working in my room. She was having a great time sitting at an activity table with a little girl…. and I was trying to keep track of the other 10.

I was sitting at the cutting table, where 2 kids were cutting with scissors.

Great activity, that… good for hand eye motor skills.

Not so good, when kids start pulling things off shelves and creating a rucus …and the other staff can’t be bothered to pay any attention at all.

I turned my head to break up a fight happening in the car centre and sure enough, one of the little darlings at the scissor table made use of the opportunity to cut her hair.

She managed to cut about an inch off a hunk in the back ….. which is somewhat less ambitious than I was when I was that age - I managed to chop my hair to the scalp a few days before I was to be the ringbearer in my aunt’s wedding.

I guess it could have been worse…. thank goodness the mom was cool with it!


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