>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

From my previous post about sorting by colour, you might have gotten the impression that I am organized.

That would be a big fat NOT!

One of my biggest challenges in working in daycares is making sure I know where all of my paperwork is. I am supposed to keep track of

  • my immunizations
  • my health card
  • my diploma
  • my criminal record check
  • my proof of first aid and CPR training

And the WORST thing is that I am supposed to know where those things are when it is time to get them redone.

Right now, the most pressing thing is that I need to have my TB test redone. To do that, I need my healthcard.

To get that working again, I have to find my birth certificate, my old health card, an envelope that was sent to me in the mail at this address, and another piece of id. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. As if! And then I have to find my way to the OHIP office. Uh yeah… I know where that is. NOT.

I am not wired that way.

Maybe if they were all the same colour!


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